“Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” finds Keys in deep snow and frigid conditions

Feb 25th, 2014. started out as a blowing windy morning with a temp of -36C with the windchill but because of the circumstances, “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” was out doing a search for some “lost keys”
Peter had lost his Mazda 5 remote keys plus numerous work and house keys while enjoying a nice -3C sunny day of tobogganing with his wife & children the previous week. seems as though his coat pocket had ripped open and the keys fell out without notice. Peter had been searching the net for metal detector rental and came across “Lost Jewelry Recovery” metal detecting service and decided to call a professional. arrangements were made and the search was on, of course the keys were never in the places that were thought but a “more intensive” search was conducted and another successful recovery. The circumstances mentioned were: Peter was moving to Toronto in 8 days and badly needed these keys and although Peter states he “never loses things” the whereabouts of these lost keys was really eating him up. His mind is at ease now and the move will be easier. The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector once again did a great job at finding these keys.

Manitoba harsh weather causes challenging searches for LJR

Manitoba harsh weather causes challenging searches for LJR

2013-2014 winter season in Manitoba has been creating record breaking amounts of snowfall and along with it some of the coldest temperatures this province has seen in years. LJR has had several calls to search for lost vehicle keys as a result of people rushing to avoid the cold any longer than need be. A single “computer chip ignition key” can cost up to $800.00 and beyond if you own a new vehicle. LJR has been steadily doing searches for vehicle keys as well as house keys lost in the deep snow. The searches are very challenging because of the amount of deep snow accumulated this season. The snow must be broken down first in order to swing the detector and after about 30 minutes in the chilling cold the batteries start to fade as well as the person swinging the detector. The good news: were half way through the winter and leaning towards spring.

Manitoba winter chill generates more ” lost jewelry”

As the Manitoba winter temperatures drop lower & lower daily, it’s very important to have a good pair of warm gloves/mittens with you. Not only to help keep your hands from freezing in the frigid temperatures but also to keep your fingers from shrinking from the cold and thus having your wedding ring come off unknowingly when you pull your glove off. This is a common occurrence throughout the winter and “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” receives many calls in regards to lost rings. With such cold temperatures people pull their gloves off fast to unlock doors or to deal with money  not thinking that the possibility exists that their ring might come off and before you know it the glove goes back on without the ring on the finger. Many frantic calls come in to L.J.R. about lost rings and most scenario’s are the same: (it must have happened when I took my glove off). So the search is on once again. My best advise is: keep your hands warm so your fingers dont shrink from the cold and try to keep your hand closed when your gloves are off, this way your ring won’t be able to slide off your finger. It’s a real challenge to find a lost ring in the snow, because of the weight of the ring, it falls deep into the snow and works it’s way to the hard ground, so you have to clear the snow to swing the detector to get close enough to the ground if you plan on finding the ring. Like I stated: it’s always a challenge but with “good” metal detecting equipment, an experienced detectorist should have no problem finding the lost ring if in fact it’s where the owner said it was lost. On average L.J.R. get about 30 ring calls over the winter season but not all calls are “worthy of searching”, many rings are lost in parking lots, stores, and cars.So keep those hands warm and check those fingers whenever you take your gloves off. My service is always available to those who may need it in the future. visit the website for testimonialsImage at: http://www.lostjewelryrecovery.com

“Metal Detector Rental” in Manitoba, Why not hire a “Professional”

FOT774.JPG LJR truck logo 2013Many people lose items such as wedding rings, chains & pendants along with keys , hearing aids, cell phones etc outdoors  and the first thing that comes to mind is : I need to get a metal detector, where can I “rent a metal detector”? The answer to that question is simple: you can”possibly” rent a metal detector at the local  equipment rental store if they have one available for $35.00 per day  with a $100.00 deposit, but the detector you are going to rent is great for finding pull tabs & bottle caps and will pick up all types of trash unless you know how to set the “discrimination” mode on the detector and even then the constant chatter will drive you nuts. So why rent a metal detector when you can hire a “Professional” right here in the city of Winnipeg by contacting “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service“. With 6 seasons of searching for “Lost Jewelry”, L.J.R. has been very successful at jewelry recovery, and many other recoveries as well, just check out the website at: http://www.lostjewelryrecovery.com

Here at Lost jewelry Recovery,  have thought about renting out metal detectors to the public but this technology is so “fragile” that any abuse of the detector will certainly lead to costly repairs, as well: the new technology takes  many months to learn on a “high end detector”.  We recommend that you save yourself  the aggravation & cost of renting a metal detector that you will give up on within the first hour of use, So: why rent a metal detector?    contact: http://www.lostjewelryrecovery.com     or call us at: 204-291-1755……..  and let a professional find your lost item.

“Sweet Sixteen” Lost & now found

I received an email in regards to a lost “sweet sixteen gold ring” Jacqueline was devastated that she had lost her 14k gold ring that she had on her finger for the last 11 years given to her by her mother at the age of 16 of course. I was told the ring was not of great cash value but there was  great sentimental value attached to it. The only problem was that it might be on private property, you see the ring had come off when Jacqueline had “flicked” something from her finger towards a chain link fence and heard the “ting” sound and quickly noticed the ring had left her finger. She did not know whether the ring had passed through the fence or hit the fence and bounced back in the grassy area, she and a co-worker searched on their knees with no luck and it seemed that the ring was gone forever.All Jacqueline had on her mind was that she needed to rent a metal detector but The next day Jacqueline had been driving with a friend in Winnipeg and happened to stop at a traffic light on the street directly behind my vehicle that has my “lost jewelery recovery service” logo on the windows, as well as the contact website. She emailed me and I responded. I went the next day and did a search of the area and quickly realized that the ring had to have passed through the fence. I would not trespass onto private property and risk my buisness so what I did was reach under the fence and pulled all that I could reach to my side of the fence which exposed the ring. the ring had to be picked up now by Jacqueline or a friend, and it was. Jacqueline now wears that same recovered ring. Glad I could help!ImageImage

Ring recovery in Gull Lake Manitoba

I recently received a call from Jason that told me he had lost his 10k white/gold wedding band in 5 feet of water out at Gull Lake will visiting friends and tossing the ball in the water. The ring had slipped off jason’s finger due to the cold water temp and the fact that it was a little too loose fitting.Jason had searched on metal detector rental and found my service and I made arrangement to meet with Jason Saturday morning and drive out to the site. Indeed the ring was lost just past the docks end of which was 5+ feet deep. I used my Detector Pro Pirate water detector and found many targets before recovering Jason”s ring 4 hours later. All in all the search was successful and the wedding ring is back on Jason’s finger once again. (better get it properly sized Jason). chalk up another successful recovery for “Lost Jewelry Recovery”20130706_124340

“Lost Jewelry Recovery Service helps visiting couple from Alberta”

I recently got a call from “Brenda” who came to Transcona to visit her folks for the Christmas holidays. While attending a gathering at a  relatives house, Brenda had her engagement ring slip off her finger just before she entered the house. The ring fell and hit the cement step and bounced out of site. Brenda and her husband to be, drastically sifted through the snow in freezing temperatures (-30C) to no avail. The next day while talking aboutImagethe lost ring, Brenda was told by her mother in law that she heard on a CBC Radio Winnipeg program about a Metal Detecting Service available that searches for lost jewelry. Without hesitation Brenda went on the internet and before long she came across “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” and emailed Randy (myself) who responded and set up a search time. When I arrived at the location in -29C weather I knew I had to search reasonably fast so the detector wouldn’t freeze up from the intense cold. I searched the area in question with my White’s XLT detector set in Gold mode but could not come up with any solid hits, So I went outside the grid that Brenda told me the ring might be in and came upon a pile of snow that was piled up after the couple had been searching on their own the night before. The ring was not in the pile of snow but I swung the detector outside the pile and soon got a strong signal about 3 feet away from the pile. I gently swept the snow way from the target to reveal a beautiful white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring. I was very happy that I was able to find this ring when I did because the detector was very cold and so was I. The search took about an hour in total and at -30C that”s long enough outdoors. When Brenda came outside from warming up in the house and seen that I had recovered her lost ring she was jumping for joy. I guess it looked pretty grim there for a while but persistence paid off once again for “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service”Image

I’m glad you don”t have to go back home to Edmonton without your ring Brenda, and I’m sure you feel the same.