The “Thrill of the Hunt”

Over the past 7 years  doing lost jewelry search & recoveries, I come to realize that I never get tired of going on a search. There is always excitement when their is a challenge to show that you are the one that has the special skills and equipment to do the job as a “professional”  Over time I have come to learn that asking “all” the right questions on “how the ring or jewelry became lost” is the absolute most important part of the recovery process. Most clients will have a “good idea” of the circumstances or events leading up to the “lost item” but many will have very little memory because they did not know “when” the item became lost and where they were during that particular time frame. I do not do searches that involve clients that tell me that they could have lost and item in “several” different areas, that would involve several days effort and “still”chances are the item might never have been it the place they thought it was.

I recently did a search for a “wedding ring” where a client was 99% sure the ring was lost in the house near or in the washing machine. “She” had checked in and around the washer herself several times but still insisted that it (the ring) was lost in that area. after doing my interview and finding out that the client had also gone outside that evening for a smoke break, my first area to search was outside the house. Sure enough! I chose the right place to start, the ring was found within 4 minutes of searching just in the area outside the back door of the house.

I look forward to the “many” calls I receive in regards to “lost jewelry” no matter how confusing or complicated they sound, after all: finding a lost ring outdoors is like finding a “needle in the haystack” the advantage I have is:  I have the equipment and the skills to find that “lost ring”and that is why I offer this service. metal detecting photos 044

Gold & Diamonds can”t hide on “LJR”

Randall from “Lost Jewelry Recovery” was recently call out to do a lost wedding ring search in Winnipeg, Mb on Sept 23.. Jenelle had lost her “new” yellow gold 14ct. wedding ring somewhere either in her house or just outside her back door during a smoke break. Upon arriving at Jenelle’s home, Randall went through the routine questions of the events of the day/evening that the ring first went missing. Jenelle was 99% sure that the ring was lost in the house probable near the washer/dryer or possible in her bedroom, but she did mention that she had been outside the back door for a quick smoke that evening. That set off alarm bells for Randall, this has happened in the past. Going outside in the cool evening air allows your fingers to cool and shrink and if your “new” ring doesn’t fit tight, chances are that after shaking your hands or flicking your cigarette but in the cool air will launch your precious ring off your finger without you ever knowing it and thats exactly what did happen that night. With the use of a professional metal detector that can “sniff out gold” and the experience of knowing where to search, the lost gold ring was not much of a challenge. 4 minutes into the search  the “magic” tone rang through my headphones and the lost ring had been found.lost ring search & recovery sept 14 006lost ring search & recovery sept 14 009

Poor summer yeilds min searches for LJR

The summer of 2014 has been short, cool & rainy compared to normal summers past, thus resulting in a drop in searches for “Lost Jewelry Recovery”  Not near as many beach goers this summer and sports fields were either washed out from excess rain or just in too poor condition to use. We did manage to recover a “few” lost wedding rings though (2)  successful land searches & (2) successful water searches. There were 2 other searches that did not turn up lost rings probably because the customer wasn’t sure that the ring was actually lost in that place. On an average where we at LJR get approx. 25 ring searches per season, this summer has brought us down to only 6 searches so far with 2 searches pending. 027029I guess that could be looked at as “a good thing” for the lucky ones that dont lose their jewelry tho, however LJR is always on “standby” for those unfortunate ones that do lost their precious personal possessions outdoors. Here are photos of the customers that we did manage to find their “Lost jewelry”

GetAttachment (3)successful ring search at Birds Hill Park beach showing recovered wedding ring

“Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” finds Keys in deep snow and frigid conditions

Feb 25th, 2014. started out as a blowing windy morning with a temp of -36C with the windchill but because of the circumstances, “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” was out doing a search for some “lost keys”
Peter had lost his Mazda 5 remote keys plus numerous work and house keys while enjoying a nice -3C sunny day of tobogganing with his wife & children the previous week. seems as though his coat pocket had ripped open and the keys fell out without notice. Peter had been searching the net for metal detector rental and came across “Lost Jewelry Recovery” metal detecting service and decided to call a professional. arrangements were made and the search was on, of course the keys were never in the places that were thought but a “more intensive” search was conducted and another successful recovery. The circumstances mentioned were: Peter was moving to Toronto in 8 days and badly needed these keys and although Peter states he “never loses things” the whereabouts of these lost keys was really eating him up. His mind is at ease now and the move will be easier. The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector once again did a great job at finding these keys.

Manitoba harsh weather causes challenging searches for LJR

Manitoba harsh weather causes challenging searches for LJR

2013-2014 winter season in Manitoba has been creating record breaking amounts of snowfall and along with it some of the coldest temperatures this province has seen in years. LJR has had several calls to search for lost vehicle keys as a result of people rushing to avoid the cold any longer than need be. A single “computer chip ignition key” can cost up to $800.00 and beyond if you own a new vehicle. LJR has been steadily doing searches for vehicle keys as well as house keys lost in the deep snow. The searches are very challenging because of the amount of deep snow accumulated this season. The snow must be broken down first in order to swing the detector and after about 30 minutes in the chilling cold the batteries start to fade as well as the person swinging the detector. The good news: were half way through the winter and leaning towards spring.

Manitoba winter chill generates more ” lost jewelry”

As the Manitoba winter temperatures drop lower & lower daily, it’s very important to have a good pair of warm gloves/mittens with you. Not only to help keep your hands from freezing in the frigid temperatures but also to keep your fingers from shrinking from the cold and thus having your wedding ring come off unknowingly when you pull your glove off. This is a common occurrence throughout the winter and “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” receives many calls in regards to lost rings. With such cold temperatures people pull their gloves off fast to unlock doors or to deal with money  not thinking that the possibility exists that their ring might come off and before you know it the glove goes back on without the ring on the finger. Many frantic calls come in to L.J.R. about lost rings and most scenario’s are the same: (it must have happened when I took my glove off). So the search is on once again. My best advise is: keep your hands warm so your fingers dont shrink from the cold and try to keep your hand closed when your gloves are off, this way your ring won’t be able to slide off your finger. It’s a real challenge to find a lost ring in the snow, because of the weight of the ring, it falls deep into the snow and works it’s way to the hard ground, so you have to clear the snow to swing the detector to get close enough to the ground if you plan on finding the ring. Like I stated: it’s always a challenge but with “good” metal detecting equipment, an experienced detectorist should have no problem finding the lost ring if in fact it’s where the owner said it was lost. On average L.J.R. get about 30 ring calls over the winter season but not all calls are “worthy of searching”, many rings are lost in parking lots, stores, and cars.So keep those hands warm and check those fingers whenever you take your gloves off. My service is always available to those who may need it in the future. visit the website for testimonialsImage at:

“Metal Detector Rental” in Manitoba, Why not hire a “Professional”

FOT774.JPG LJR truck logo 2013Many people lose items such as wedding rings, chains & pendants along with keys , hearing aids, cell phones etc outdoors  and the first thing that comes to mind is : I need to get a metal detector, where can I “rent a metal detector”? The answer to that question is simple: you can”possibly” rent a metal detector at the local  equipment rental store if they have one available for $35.00 per day  with a $100.00 deposit, but the detector you are going to rent is great for finding pull tabs & bottle caps and will pick up all types of trash unless you know how to set the “discrimination” mode on the detector and even then the constant chatter will drive you nuts. So why rent a metal detector when you can hire a “Professional” right here in the city of Winnipeg by contacting “Lost Jewelry Recovery Service“. With 6 seasons of searching for “Lost Jewelry”, L.J.R. has been very successful at jewelry recovery, and many other recoveries as well, just check out the website at:

Here at Lost jewelry Recovery,  have thought about renting out metal detectors to the public but this technology is so “fragile” that any abuse of the detector will certainly lead to costly repairs, as well: the new technology takes  many months to learn on a “high end detector”.  We recommend that you save yourself  the aggravation & cost of renting a metal detector that you will give up on within the first hour of use, So: why rent a metal detector?    contact:     or call us at: 204-291-1755……..  and let a professional find your lost item.