2015 Season “6” begins for LJR

I have trouble believing that we are into season # 6,  for “Lost Jewelry Recovery” Metal Detecting Service. January has brought in 4 calls with 4 successful recoveries and were only have way through the month.

Gayle lost a “very” important set of keys somewhere between her car park and her entrance way to her house so she decided to shovel the snow to search for her keys (with no success) and then she called in a friend that had a metal detector and he searched for 2 hours with no luck. LJR was called and the keys were located in 20 mins.

Amber had taken her ring off while driving and put it in her lap and had forgotten about it while exiting the car and the gold wedding band was lost somewhere in the huge parking lot where she lives, plus it was snowing heavy that evening. she looked for a while with no luck and decided to go online to see if she could rent a metal detector and came across LJR “metal detecting service”,  Randall was called out and found the ring the next day after 2 hours of searching the lot end to end.

LJR was called out to find a very expensive cell phone that had been lost while “Kevin” the owner was playing with the kids in the front yard, Kevin had chose to rent a metal detector, but after 2 hours of searching was not able to find the phone,  Kevin went online and contacted LJR “Metal Detecting Service” and  Randall came out with “his” metal detecting equipment, and successfully found the cell phone within a half hour. because the owner had previously done his own search, the snow and the cell phone had been trampled down and stepped on resulting in a cracked screen on the phone, but the owner was still very happy to get his phone back.: When asked: Why were you able to find the phone so fast? I searched the yard over for an hour with no success.GetAttachment LJR ring recovery Jan. 2015 photo (10) metal detecting Dec 14. 2014  0 C 004 Well: I stated, My detector cost over $1000.00 and the one you searched with cost $150.00. My equipment can be programmed to search for and find specific articles., and thats what is needed to find what we are searching for. ( forgot to get Kevin’s photo)

Robyn was out in the backyard playing with her son in the snow and before going into the house, Robyn took her mitts off and brushed the snow from her sons ski pants and she felt her rings (2) go flying off her fingers somewhere behind her. These ring have a very personal & emotional contact to Robyn so it was important to find them ASAP. and of course she and her son had looked for the rings  but with all the snow being moved around from the outdoor activities and nightfall fast approaching there was just no way she was going to find the rings. Robyn looked online under “Metal Detector rental” and found: LJR, “Metal Detecting Service”. and placed the call. She stated to me that she was very amazed that there was such a service available to the public and asked if someone could come  right away. Randall was on the search within 1 hour and managed to find “both” rings within 1/2 hour. Robyn was totally ecstatic with the return of her “lucky Rings”


“Lost Jewelry Recovery” a service for “you”

One of the most asked questions asked when “Lost Jewelry Recovery” gets calls is: what do you do, and how can you help me? 

Here’s the answer: Lost Jewelry Recovery is a “metal detecting service. It all came about years ago when my mother had lost her wedding ring somewhere in our back yard while attending to the kids or possibly hanging out the laundry on the cloths line. My mother looked for that ring not only for days but years on end and missed it dearly. The wedding ring was a one of a kind heirloom  and it had a turquoise stone setting instead of your regular diamond,I used to go and search for that ring as a young teenager and only wished I had a metal detector to find it. Metal Detectors in 1970 were very expensive and complicated to use, I had only seen one in my early days and 30 years later I was able to purchase my first “Radio Shack” model from a garage sale.. I had already moved from the family home but my mother still lived there and of course the first thing I did was go there and search for that lost wedding ring.It took about 2 hours of searching the back, but after digging up several beer caps and nails I got a signal right along  the sidewalk and as I removed the dirt I could see that turquoise colour and I almost peed my pants with excitement. Having found the ring that I knew was going to light up my elderly mothers face for eternity was such a blessing I could hardly wait to present it back to her. I calmed myself down enough to walk in the house and show my mother what I had just found and the look on her face was priceless, I instantly became her hero! She took that ring to heaven with her and I’m sure it’s still on her finger.

Lets fast forward to present day: With the metal detectors available today a wedding ring lost in a sport field is just a game of “hide & seek”  If the ring was lost where you say it was, then it’s just a matter of doing a trough search of the area and knowing how to use your equipment to it’s fullest capacity to find the ring you are searching for.

I have done many searches on land & in water and found the “lost jewelry” within minutes because the client knew the approximate  whereabouts of the item, but some searches can last for days if you are searching a huge field or beach area and the client isn’t sure where the item became lost. The idea of knowing how to conduct a recovery search is something that has to be thought out and planned before the search starts. Making sure you know all the details leading up to “when the item became lost”, “where the item was lost, and if you can search there, as well as what equipment is best for the search.You can then reveal to the client what “you will be doing for them” to recover their lost item and  include a fee for your service “if the item is recovered” and a fee if the “item is not recovered

Lost Jewelry Recovery service has done many searches to date and we have found thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and gained many pleased clients that you can see on our “Testimonial” page of our website at: http://www.lostjewelryrecovery.comLJR Found Rings Apr-Sept 2012 002

You lost your ring outdoors “now what”?

Every day that goes by of the year someone loses jewelry outdoors, it cant be helped. You may be throwing out the trash and a short walk to the garbage cans is all it takes for a ring to slip off unnoticed. With the temperatures getting colder every day causing your fingers to shrink, it’s easy for a wedding ring to slip off when taking your glove off or doing simple tasks like doing up your seat belt or plugging or unplugging your car.

I have answered to all these types of calls in regards to lost rings. Many rings come off at the grocery stores when packing the groceries into the car or minivan and end up lost in the parking lot. I have searched for rings that came off the finger after flicking a cigarette away while outside on a smoke break. Another common occurrence is when the parents are playing outdoors with the kids and constantly having to take their gloves or mitts off to wipe the snow off the kids or straighten out their clothing.

I had a call from a man that was at the dog park and had a habit of filling his pockets with dog treats not only for his dog but also for other dogs that came around, he kept putting his hand in and out of his pocket and with the outside temperature in the minuses it didn’t take long before the gold wedding ring to slip off & when he arrived at home he noticed that his vintage gold wedding ring was gone off his finger never to be located again.

So the question is: now that you have lost your precious ring outdoors, what to do next? Well here is my best answer.

First of all take a few minutes to think about the very last time you noticed that you had your ring on and actually seen it on. Start to back track all the events from the time after you last noticed your ring on and all the outdoor places you had been to. Think about any times that you may have put your gloves or mittens on or off and where that took place.  Think about when you were washing your hands or doing any activity that led to the possibility of the ring coming off. Details and locations should be written down, try not to leave any probabilities or possibilities out, something a simple as a handshake greeting to a fellow friend can cause a ring to come off especially in cold temps.

If you feel that you might have lost your ring on a sidewalk or pathway, go back and do a visual check but dont be telling everybody that walks by that you lost your ring because now someone else may be a better spotter than you and you may never see it again.

Many people think that posting the lost ring in the local paper or on Kijiji is the answer, some good Samaritan will find it and turn it in to the police (yah right) like thats going to happen. “If” you do decide to put an add in the paper or on Kijiji, dont disclose where you lost the ring because there are people that have metal detectors that will go and search for your lost ring at that given location, possibly find it and cash it in for the “gold value” and this I know for sure has happened. I was searching for a lost ring at a beach and I came upon another guy that was also searching the beach with a metal detector, I mentioned that I was looking for a certain lost ring, he ended up finding the ring and just took off even though he knew that I had been searching for that particular ring. ( try to explain that story to the client)

If you have back tracked your activities and still haven’t found your lost ring, call: Lost Jewelry Recovery Service” If I cant find it for you then it most likely wasn’t lost outdoors or else someone has already found it and therefore you have to wait to see “if” they are a “good Samaritan” and just might post it to the local adds.

I have provided my :Lost jewelry recovery service” for the past 7 years now and searched for and recovered many rings, those that I cant find are the ones that the people cant remember where they might have lost it. If the ring was lost outdoors and you have a “good” idea of where, with my “top of the line” metal detecting equipment: I can find it!

Finders / keepers

Here’s a story with a twist, In the summer of 2013,  Randall from”Lost jewelry Recovery” had been called out to Birds Hill Park beach just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba by a lady whom lost her ring in the water the day before while she played with the kids. The lady ( Donna) had only been in the water for a short time and no deeper that 24 inches. she remembered that area of water she was in by the nearby landmarks on the beach so when I showed up she just pointed to the area and the search was on.. because of the location in the shallow water and the fact that no other people with metal detectors had searched that area over night or in the early morning, I was able to easily find her lost ring and return it back to her. The search only took approx. 10 minutes and being at the beach early in the morning allowed me to do some leisure searching for myself. 

About 30 minutes later in deeper water I got a good signal on my Detector Pro metal detector and I started scooping the sand below, My scoop soon had a nice shiny ring sitting in it. I took a look at this ring and I could see that is was a mans ring and made of Tungsten, it also had an inscription engraved in it. I took the ring home and started researching the (2) names & date that was inscribed in the ring. I was able to pull some info on the initials to see that the couple had a social about 6 months before I found the ring. The female also had a facebook site and I sent her a personal message indicating that I had found this wedding ring and I think it might belong to her husband. I am not stating any names in this blog because the couple still maintains a facebook site and it’s for their privacy.

I never got any reply from the facebook site and I searched the white pages and called every family with the same last name that I came up with from the social info and still no success!

now: fast forward 15 months and guess what! I get a facebook message from a girl stating that she just checked her facebook inbox mail to see that I had contacted her ” over a year ago” She did say that indeed her husband did lose his wedding ring shortly after the wedding while swimming at the beach, and that the couple had replaced the ring as well.

My efforts to get the ring back did not fail, they just got delayed. The woman told me that she totally appreciated the effort in trying to contact them and return the ring but because the ring had already been replaced, she said I could keep the ring or do what ever I wish with it.

It’s not too often I get to re-unite a ring to it’s owner only to have him tell me to keep it. Oh well! makes for an interesting story and I’ll just add it to my collection of other found rings I guess.

Tungsten wedding ring found at Birds Hill park beach

Tungsten wedding ring found at Birds Hill Park Beach 2013


The “Thrill of the Hunt”

Over the past 7 years  doing lost jewelry search & recoveries, I come to realize that I never get tired of going on a search. There is always excitement when their is a challenge to show that you are the one that has the special skills and equipment to do the job as a “professional”  Over time I have come to learn that asking “all” the right questions on “how the ring or jewelry became lost” is the absolute most important part of the recovery process. Most clients will have a “good idea” of the circumstances or events leading up to the “lost item” but many will have very little memory because they did not know “when” the item became lost and where they were during that particular time frame. I do not do searches that involve clients that tell me that they could have lost and item in “several” different areas, that would involve several days effort and “still”chances are the item might never have been it the place they thought it was.

I recently did a search for a “wedding ring” where a client was 99% sure the ring was lost in the house near or in the washing machine. “She” had checked in and around the washer herself several times but still insisted that it (the ring) was lost in that area. after doing my interview and finding out that the client had also gone outside that evening for a smoke break, my first area to search was outside the house. Sure enough! I chose the right place to start, the ring was found within 4 minutes of searching just in the area outside the back door of the house.

I look forward to the “many” calls I receive in regards to “lost jewelry” no matter how confusing or complicated they sound, after all: finding a lost ring outdoors is like finding a “needle in the haystack” the advantage I have is:  I have the equipment and the skills to find that “lost ring”and that is why I offer this service. metal detecting photos 044

Gold & Diamonds can”t hide on “LJR”

Randall from “Lost Jewelry Recovery” was recently call out to do a lost wedding ring search in Winnipeg, Mb on Sept 23.. Jenelle had lost her “new” yellow gold 14ct. wedding ring somewhere either in her house or just outside her back door during a smoke break. Upon arriving at Jenelle’s home, Randall went through the routine questions of the events of the day/evening that the ring first went missing. Jenelle was 99% sure that the ring was lost in the house probable near the washer/dryer or possible in her bedroom, but she did mention that she had been outside the back door for a quick smoke that evening. That set off alarm bells for Randall, this has happened in the past. Going outside in the cool evening air allows your fingers to cool and shrink and if your “new” ring doesn’t fit tight, chances are that after shaking your hands or flicking your cigarette but in the cool air will launch your precious ring off your finger without you ever knowing it and thats exactly what did happen that night. With the use of a professional metal detector that can “sniff out gold” and the experience of knowing where to search, the lost gold ring was not much of a challenge. 4 minutes into the search  the “magic” tone rang through my headphones and the lost ring had been found.lost ring search & recovery sept 14 006lost ring search & recovery sept 14 009

Poor summer yeilds min searches for LJR

The summer of 2014 has been short, cool & rainy compared to normal summers past, thus resulting in a drop in searches for “Lost Jewelry Recovery”  Not near as many beach goers this summer and sports fields were either washed out from excess rain or just in too poor condition to use. We did manage to recover a “few” lost wedding rings though (2)  successful land searches & (2) successful water searches. There were 2 other searches that did not turn up lost rings probably because the customer wasn’t sure that the ring was actually lost in that place. On an average where we at LJR get approx. 25 ring searches per season, this summer has brought us down to only 6 searches so far with 2 searches pending. 027029I guess that could be looked at as “a good thing” for the lucky ones that dont lose their jewelry tho, however LJR is always on “standby” for those unfortunate ones that do lost their precious personal possessions outdoors. Here are photos of the customers that we did manage to find their “Lost jewelry”

GetAttachment (3)successful ring search at Birds Hill Park beach showing recovered wedding ring